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GeoMeta for ACF is an easy way to store location information about posts, pages,
users or other content types that ACF supports. The default input is a map
with drawing tools to let the user draw markers, lines and polygons.
Alternatively you can accept latitude and longitude values, or raw GeoJSON

GeoMeta for ACF supports for both ACF version 4 and 5.

Why use GeoMeta for ACF instead of one of the other map inputs for ACF?

GeoMeta for ACF uses WP-GeoMeta under the hood, which means that you’re
actually storing spatial meta data, not just text. With the WP-GeoMeta library
you have access to all of the spatial functions MySQL supports to search and
filter your WordPress posts and users.


This ACF field type is compatible with:

  • ACF 5 / ACF Pro
  • ACF 4


Metavalues for terms (Categories/Tags) were stored in wp_options up until ACF
Pro 5.5.0. GeoMeta for ACF will still display a map or other input field for
terms in previous versions of ACF, but since the values aren’t stored in the
wp_termmeta table, they won’t be picked up for inclusion in the spatial table
and spatial searches on them will fail.


Be sure that Advanced Custom Fields is installed. You can use Advanced Custom
Fields (v4) or Advanced Custom Fields PRO (v5). Version 4 is in the
plugin repository
PRO is available from

With ACF installed, you can install this plugin in the usual WordPress way.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/geometa-acf directory,
    or install the plugin through the WordPress plugin screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.

Create a new field in ACF and select the GeoMeta field type.


No one has actually asked any questions yet!

How can I run spatial queries?

GeoMeta for ACF uses WP-GeoMeta internally. For sample queries, please see
the WP-GeoMeta

Where can I get help with GIS and WordPress?

For community support try WherePress.com

For commercial support you can contact the plugin developer at

For fast and short questions you can contact
on twitter.



  • Updated wp-geometa-lib
  • Geometa-ACF is now using Leaflet-PHP to generate Leaflet code. Will allow
    for easier Leaflet maintenance going forward.
  • Alpha feature Bring Your Own Geocoder. Define GEOMETA_ACF_BYOGC=true to
    enable and see media/js/geometa-acf.js for callbacks. More documentation
    coming when it comes out of alpha.


  • Moved from including the WP-GeoMeta plugin to including wp-geometa-lib
  • Fixed Contributor name for cimburacom


  • Set up I18N support and Portuguese translation
  • Code cleanup
  • A start on code documentation


  • Initial Release.
  • Support for Map input, lat/lng fields and raw GeoJSON input
  • Support for ACF v4 and ACF Pro/v5

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