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A very simple plugin to display Advanced Custom Field Gallery on frontend of your website in a slider OR carousel view with the help of shorcode. The gallery field provides a simple and intuitive interface for managing a collection of images.


Note: To use this plugin, you first must install following plugin : Advanced Custom Fields and Advanced Custom Fields: Gallery Field.

View DEMO | PRO DEMO and Features for additional information.

Also work with Gutenberg shortcode block.

Please WRITE TO US if you are facing any issue with this plugin so that we can improve this plugin as per your need.

This plugin contain Two shortcode:

  • Slider View


  • Carousel View


You can use Following parameters with shortcode

  • acf_field:
    acf_field=”gallery” ( ie add the filed name create for gallery. )
  • show_caption:
    show_caption=”true” ( ie hide/show image caption. By defoult value is “true”. Values are true OR false )
  • Display number of images at time:
    slide_to_show=”2″ (Display no of image in a slider )
  • Media Size:
    media_size=”large” (Set the image size where you can use values : thumbnail, medium, medium_large, large and url )
  • Number of images slides at a time:
    slide_to_scroll=”2″ (Controls number of images rotate at a time)
  • Pagination and arrows:
    dots=”false” arrows=”false” (Hide/Show pagination and arrows. By defoult value is “true”. Values are true OR false)
  • Autoplay and Autoplay Speed:
    autoplay=”true” autoplay_speed=”1000″
  • Slide Speed:
    speed=”3000″ (Control the speed of the slider)
  • rtl:
    rtl=”true” (For RTL website)

Stunning Features:

  • Advanced Custom Field gallery Image slider.
  • Advanced Custom Field gallery Image Carousel.
  • 100% Mobile & Tablet Responsive.
  • Awesome Touch-Swipe Enabled.
  • Work in any WordPress Theme.
  • Created with Slick Slider.
  • Lightweight, Fast & Powerful.
  • Set Number of Columns you want to show.
  • Slider AutoPlay on/off.
  • Navigation show/hide options.
  • Pagination show/hide options.
  • Unlimited slider anywhere.
  • And more features coming soon!


  1. Upload the ‘frontend-gallery-slider-for-advanced-custom-field’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the “frontend-gallery-slider-for-advanced-custom-field” list plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

This plugin contain Two shortcode:

1) Slider View

2) Carousel View


No FAQs available at this time.


1.4 (19-7-2019)

  • [+] Notice – Important Recommendations : For better user experience we have shifted “Frontend Gallery Slider For ACF” plugin in our to new plugin ie “SlidersPack – All In One Image/Post Slider”. It help us to maintain our all slider plugins in a single plugin package and provide you better and fast support.

1.3 (01-02-2019)

  • [+] Added new shortcode parameter : media_size=”large” (Set the image size where you can use values : thumbnail, medium, medium_large, large and url )
  • [+] Added data validations with escaping ie esc_url, esc_html and esc_attr.

1.2 (24-10-2017)

  • [+] Updated slick.min.js to latest version
  • [+] Added RTL Support
  • [+] Fixed conflict with some other plugin using slick.min.js
  • [*] Note: If you are using any cache plugin, please clear your cache after updating the plugin.


  • Added ‘How it Work’ page for better user interface.
  • Removed ‘Plugin Design’ page.


  • Fixed showing more then one image in slider [acf_gallery_slider] shortcode.


  • Initial release.

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