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Deprecation Notice

This plugin is no longer in active development.

Please use the next-generation template system, Loops & Logic.


From a single field to entire pages, Custom Content Shortcode is a set of commands to display content where you need.

The [content] shortcode displays any of the following: posts, pages, custom post types, fields, images, menus, or widget areas.

The [loop] shortcode performs query loops. It can display, for example, available products in a category, or excerpts from the 5 most recent posts. You can query by parameters such as: post type, taxonomy, date, and field values.

There is a reference section under Settings -> Custom Content.


Here are some of the included features:

  • Wide range of query parameters to display site content
  • Conditional content based on field value, login status, etc.
  • Overview of your site’s content structure
  • Relative URLs for links and images
  • Cache the result of a query
  • Optional: Gallery field, Mobile Detect, Math

Support for other plugins: Advanced Custom Fields, WCK Fields and Post Types


  1. Install & activate from Plugins -> Add New
  2. See: Settings -> Custom Content


No FAQs available at this time.



  • Restrict shortcodes by constants: DISALLOW_UNFILTERED_HTML and DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT
  • Restrict shortcodes by author capabilities: unfiltered_html and edit_plugins/edit_themes
  • Add setting to enable shortcodes for non-admin authors (not recommended)


  • Correct stable tag in readme.txt
  • Use HTTP API instead of CURL
  • Use wp_enqueue instead of inline style/script
  • Sanitize and escape data input/output

Breaking changes

  • Enable certain shortcodes only within posts authored by an admin user
  • Remove features that allowed users to load custom CSS/JS
    • Load shortcode: css, js, gfonts
    • Auto-loaded fields: css, js, html


  • Add message about plugin retirement and move to Loops & Logic
  • Thanks to @Pross for improvements
    • Improve compatibility with PHP 8
    • Field shortcode: Improve get_the_excerpt filter
  • Test compatibility with WordPress 5.9


  • Test compatibility with WordPress 5.7


  • Improve getting shortcode function names in Content Overview


  • Correct output of ACF field label when multiple choices are selected


  • Remove deprecation warning about non-static method CCS_Loop::include_children


  • Improve compatibility with PHP 7.2
  • Update to Parsedown library 1.7.3 for documentation pages
  • Math module: Use variable function call for built-in functions


  • Pass: Allow passing user fields that are arrays or objects – thanks to @jrevillini
  • Improve compatibility with PHP 5.3


  • Compatibility with WP 5.0.2 and PHP 7.2
  • Improve support and documentation for shortcodes inside HTML attributes


  • [link] – Add parameter download; set “true” or file name


  • [if user_field contains] – Support searching multiple user fields
  • [related] – Support ACF relational type users
  • [related user_field] – Support related posts from a user field


  • [if image] – Check correct current post when inside [related]


  • [related] – Add parameter offset to skip the first X number of posts
  • [if] – Improve logic to count repeater fields


  • [each] – Add default field count for each term’s post count


  • [if] – Add parameter count for field value array, such as relationship fields
  • [if] – Improve field=content,excerpt with parameter contains
  • [is] – Allow nested
  • Content overview: cleaner list of shortcodes


  • [loop], [loopage] – Add parameter query to use custom query variable for pagination


  • [user] – Add field registered and parameter format (“relative” or custom format)
  • Settings – Add option to enable shortcodes in widget title


  • [format] – Add parameters split and part; handle field values of number type in list
  • [attached] – Add field download-url, to get URL to actual PDF file instead of generated preview image
  • [url register] – URL to registration form under wp-login
  • [pass] – Add parameter trim=all to remove all white space, new lines, tabs
  • ACF [related] – Add parameters start and count
  • Improve use of content filter with other plugins; support for Beaver Themer in progress


  • Minor fixes in reference pages

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